The Society library collection was started in 2011 and with regular purchases and donations has become possibly the most extensive resource about Shetland and by Shetlander authors in New Zealand. Members can enjoy the latest material coming out of Shetland, fiction and non-fiction, in the form of books, magazines, DVDs and CDs. Donations of older material provide titles often no longer still in print. These, and a full set of publications of the Shetland Family History Society, are useful for members researching their family history. There is also a small collection for children and young adults.

The library is available for browsing and borrowing at Society functions where that is practical, and borrowing by post is available to members all the time. 

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Library Collection List

60 North2014-4,8-22/23 (2012, 2014-(2018)
The New Shetlander[1984-2016]Issues 148,150-151,154,155-157,174-176, 221, 247,277,279, 293 (2020)
[Tourist information]Envelope of recent guides and pamphlets. Includes "Shetland Visitor Guide 2021" and "Shetland Accommodation Guide 2021"
Shetland Museum and Archives guidebookNot only a guidebook to the Museum but an introduction to Shetland history and culture
Walking in Shetland: a guide to 20 walksPromote ShetlandFold out pamphlet with maps and details, including the Outdoor Access Code
Viking Unst: explore Unst's Viking legacyFolder with 6 loose cards describing Viking trails to explore
Shetland wool adventures journal vol. 03Misa Hay (ed.)2021Volume three features six knitting patterns and 16 articles on a wide range of subjects with many colour photographs
Shetland Wool Week annual 20212021Volume seven.This annual contains 12 patterns from 11 designers and 4 feature articles, along with many photographs
Da bonnie isle: Whalsay through the agesJames A. Anderson2021A tour around Whalsay and covering the island's history to the present day, with local author James Anderson, who now splits his time between NZ and Whalsay
Foula: island west of the sunSheila Gear2021"Foula: island west of the sun" was first published in 1983, and has been reprinted as part of the Northus Shetland Classics series, with photographs by Jim Gear and an introduction by Jen Stout. Sheila Gear recorded the passage of a year of Foula life in the early 1980s, and also gave snapshots of the island's history
Tom Henderson: the seaman who founded a museumJ. Laughton Johnson2021Tom Henderson (1911-1982) was a seaman, founder of the Shetland Museum, restorer of artefacts, maritime historian, craftsman, hotelier, Council Convenor, writer and the go-to Shetlander throughout the second half of the 20th century on almost any aspect of the islands' story
My journey home: memoirs of a Shetland exileJames A. Pottinger2021James Pottinger's travels from his birthplace in a croft house in pre-war Burra have taken him full circle and he is "home" again after a career in engineering, the merchant navy, sales and management
The Shetland Bus: transporting secret agents across the North Sea in WW2Stephen Wynn2021This book is a new examination of the story of the Shetland Bus. It looks at the collaboration between Shetland and Norway during the Second World War with the Shetland Bus operation, the men and boats involved, and the operations carried out until Norway was liberated from German occupation in May 1945.
Shetland wool adventures journal vol. 02Misa Hay (ed.)2021A celebration of craft, creativity, adventure and all things Shetland, featuring photographs, knitting patterns, walks, stories, interviews, recipes and some personal insights into the lives of the isles' top knitters and craftspeople
From Errol Flynn to echo-soundersBilly Williamson2021This is the autobiography of an engineering technician's career path in Shetland, working first setting up film shows in village halls, and later employment in marine electronics
It tolls for thee: a guide to celebrating and reclaiming the end of lifeTom Morton2021After a close encounter with death, Tom Morton realised he needed a change of pace and perspective. He decided to become the only independent funeral celebrant on the Shetland Islands. This is a thought-provoking guide to celebrating mortality, with lots of references to his Shetland experiences
Dear to me and an important part of my life': ethnic identity and the Shetland descent group in New ZealandSamuel Moncur2020Dissertation for University of Otago Bachelor of Arts with Honours in History. This thesis examines the ways that ethnicity and identity are understood and expressed in descendents of Shetland migrants to NZ in the twenty-first century. It draws on oral interviews with descendants of Shetland migrants, most of them from our Society, as well as secondary sources.
Knitting from Fair Isle: 15 contemporary designs inspired by traditionMati Ventrillon2020Mati Ventrillon's inspiration comes from the technique of creating patterns with multiple colours that was first used by the women of Fair Isle more than two centuries ago. There are 15 patterns, tips on yarns and finishing, and photos of Fair Isle
Moorit: and other sheepish talesLindsay Dowding & Alexi Bjornson2020A book written especially for Wool Week enthusiasts. A compilation of facts, stories and photos relating to wool and sheep
Shetland Wool Week annual 20202020Volume six. Thirteen patterns and four essays with many photos from a year when because of Covid-19 the SWW was unable to go ahead
Shetland wool adventures journal vol. 01Misa Hay (ed.)2020A compilation of articles on Shetland arts and crafts, history, walks, food and recipes, and knitting and patterns, with lots of colour photos
Seabirds and seals: or, clockwise around Bressay and NossJonathan Wills2019Stories from 25 years of wildlife guiding around the Shetland islands of Bressay and Noss
Shetland life2019Single issue of this magazine - No 466 (August 2019)
And that's the way of it': the life of Geordie MainlandJim Mainland2019Geordie was born in 1924, and this is an account of his life as told to his nephew Jim Mainland. It includes his role in the events of D-Day
Shetland Wool Week annual 20192019Volume Five. Sixteen patterns and several essays and photos celebrating ten years of Shetland Wool Week
Simply Shetland laceBrooke Nico2018Featuring three traditional Shetland lace motifs and their variants: Acre & Razor; Feather & Fan and Old Shale' and Horshoe & Leaf. It covers the basics of each stitch pattern and then multiple projects using each one
Shetland Festival of Remembrance commemorating the centenary of the ending of The Great War 1914-19182018Pack containing a DVD recording of the Festival, along with supporting material on a USB stick, and a copy of the Festival programme
The Vikings: lords of sea and swordHeather Pringle2018National Geographic special publication devoted to the Vikings
Aa my mindinRobert Johnson2018A collection of photographs chronicling a wide and varied subject matter ranging from the 1960s to the present day
A town called Toilets: the confessions of a Shetland tour guideAllen Fraser2018Allen Fraser tells of growing up in pre-oil era Shetland on the island of Yell before mains water and electricity, his job with the Meteorological Office which lasted 34 years, and latterly as a Shetland tour guide
Tales from Wullver's Hool: the extraordinary long life and prodigious works of Jessie SaxbyPhilip Snow2018Jessie Saxby (1842-1940), born in Unst, was Shetland's first professional writer. She wrote on subjects as diverse as the folklore of her islands, romantic fiction, and Boy's Own adventure stories. She was a prolific poet, and had outspoken political views. This volume tells Jessie's story in 98 short chapters, one for each year of her life
A photographic guide to Shetland's historyDavid Malcolm2018The aim of this photographic guide is to give an overall picture of Shetland's history from prehistoric times to the present day and provide basic information about some of the historic sites and landmarks
RAF Catfirth 1918: the story of a First World War air station and the first flight to ShetlandSimon Gun2018In WW1 RAF Catfirth was the most northerly air station in Britain, a flying boat station planned to house 450 men and 18 aircraft. The author brings to life the remote base and the men who served there in the last months of the war, including the Canadian pilot who became the first man to fly to Shetland
Shetland merchant mariners in the Great WarJ. Laughton-Johnston2018At least 1755 Shetland merchant mariners served in the Great War, of whom some 78 lost their lives in action. This is the first account of their ships, their fates, who they were and where they came from
That grim red dawn: Shetland's sacrifice at the AncreJon Sandison2018Over 1,600 men from Shetland served in the British Army between 1914 and 1919. Twenty-two were killed or fatally wounded on a single day on the River Ancre during the final phase of the Battle of the Somme
Shetland summer birdsPaul Harvey (text)2018A photographic guide to the birds you are most likely to encounter during a Shetland summer. Featuring 74 birds with habitat overviews and helpful information to aid identification
Shetland Wool Week annual 20182018Volume Four. 12 patterns and 5 essays celebrating Shetland Wool Week 2018
Shetland: cooking on the edge of the worldJames & Tom Morton2018Explores life on an island with food, drink and community at its heart - a book about Shetland and its recipes
Scalloway: Shetland's ancient capital: a pictorial studyAlexi Bjornson & Anne Macdonald2018A pictorial introduction to Shetland's ancient capital with historical notes [2 copies]
Shetland: 40 coast and country walksPaul and Helen Webster2018Small format book with a double-page entry for each walk, with map, photo and details of the walk. Includes walks on Unst, Yell, Fetlar, North Mainland, Muckle Roe, Skerries, Central Mainland, Papa Stour, Bressay, Noss, South Mainland, Mousa, Foula and Fair Isle
From myths to meids: maritime heritage of Fair Isle, Papa Stour and SkerriesCharlotte Slater2018?This book is part of the Shetland Rural Islands Maritime Heritage Asset Atlas Project. It used field survey techniques on the islands and research in the Shetland Museum and Archives and the Shetland Library to give a fuller picture of the people who lived and worked there
The cod huntersJohn Goodlad2017The story of the Shetlanders who fished for cod around Faroe, Rockall, Iceland and Greenland. The author was CEO of the Shetland Fishermens' Association
Shetland's open boat days: tales of the fishing under sail and oarTom Henderson, Charles Johnson, James J. Laurenson, William Nicolson. Edited by Charlie Simpson2017True stories, told by those who were there or who had intimate knowledge of the days when livelihoods and lives depended on the skills and knowledge of the islands' fishermen in the days of sail and oar
Old Lerwick: people and placesDouglas M. Sinclair2017Douglas shares his vast knowledge, understanding and love of this unique island town of Lerwick, focusing on the south end. The pieces were originally published in the "Shetland Life" magazine
In Shetland: tales from The Last BookshopTom Morton2017Tom's story takes you beneath the surface of Shetland life, into a community which is full of fascinating characters, incredible wildlife, hilarity, tragedy and a lot of extreme weather
A Shetland childhood: memories of the 1950sCatherine Emslie2017See the 1950s through the eyes of a child - a celebration of a long-gone way of life in Shetland
The lanes of LerwickAlexi Bjornson2017A photographic record of the lanes between Hillhead and The Esplanade on the town's harbour-front. Includes 2 maps and an introduction
Shetland Wool Week annual 20172017Volume three. 11 patterns and 6 essays celebrating Shetland Wool Week 2017
Bobby the Birdman: an anthology celebrating the life and work of Bobby Tulloch M.B.E. (4 January 1929-21 May 1996)Jonathan Wills & Mike McDonnell (eds)2016After his discovery of a pair of snowy owls nesting on Fetlar in 1967 Bobby Tulloch became a national celebrity overnight, then a renowned field ornithologist, tour guide, author and wildlife photographer. In this book some of his friends celebrate their happy memories of his life, illustrated with many photographs
Baby boomers Erik Young2016Erik Young was born in Lerwick in 1946, and this is a recollection of growing up in post-war Shetland. It includes many of his own poems and lots of photographs.
Gravely ShetlandAlastair Christie-Johnston2016There are over sixty listed graveyards in Shetland, and many are in places of exceptional beauty and tranquillity. The book illustrates the author's Top 20 favourites and explains why he chose them
Into the Southern Ocean: the perilous voyages of the Elsi ArrubAndrew Halcrow2016The story of two trips attempting to sail around the world single-handed and non-stop in the boat he built himself.
Shetland oo: wool, textiles, workTom Barr & Kate Davies2016Oo, or wool, has for centuries figured centrally in island life, and this book reveals the many different kinds of work that oo supports, photographed by Tom Barr with accompanying essays and profiles written by Kate Davies
Shetland Wool Week annual 20162016Volume two. Profiles of knitters, patterns, and historical articles to celebrate Shetland Wool Week 2016
Blockade 1914-1918: how Shetland won the warIan Tait2015A collection of photos and informative text which is intended to show the crucial role that the Shetlad Islands played in the war
Shetland IslandsJames A. Pottinger2015A collection of colour photographs illustrating the varied and picturesque scenery around Shetland, and some of the many changes seen on the islands over the last fifty years
Herring tales: how the silver darlings shaped human taste and historyDonald S. Murray2015Following a journey from Norway to England, Shetland to the Outer Hebrides, to the fishing ports of the Baltic coast of Germany and the Netherlands, and Iceland, here are tales of the importance of the herring, and how it and those who caught it were celebrated in the art, literature, craft, music and folklore of life in northern Europe
Shetland saga: a soothmoother's storyJanet Teal Daniel2015In 2004, Janet and her husband left their home in South Wales to live and work in Shetland. This is the story of their experience and explores themes of attachment, relationships, connection, remoteness and belonging
A photographic guide to Shetland's geologyDavid Malcolm & Robina R. Barton2015This book is the first photographic guide to the geology of the Shetland Islands. It is a pictorial guide to many of the more commonly occurring rocks, with some rarer examples and a few minerals. Short descriptive notes accompany each photo, along with a glossary and several maps at the back
Shetland and the Great WarLinda K. Riddell2015The author chronicles all aspects of wartime life at home as well as at the battlefronts, including the effects on the economy and social conditions, giving new insights into Shetland a hundred years ago
Safely wounded: Shetland letters from the First World WarAngus Johnson and Isabel Sinclair (eds)2015This book of correspondence by Shetland men and women from World War One represents a tiny fraction of those sent. They mainly date from the earlier parts of the war, and most are from soldiers
Shetland doctor: the life of an island GPRobin Ditchburn2015Robin and his family move to Shetland where he becomes the GP in Walls, taking over a practice that includes the remote islands of Papa Stour and Foula
Magical Shetland lace shawls to knitElizabeth Lovick201515 patterns and full instructions for delicate shawls to make, plus patterns and instructions for 5 'apprentice pieces' to help hone skills
Changing the world is child's play: inspirations for making everyday moments with children countSarah Amy Glensor Best2015The author of this book is one of the members of the Shetland Society of Wellington
Shetland's whaling tradition: from Willafjord to Enderby LandLaureen Johnson2015Shetland's involvement in Arctic whaling and whaling around Shetland, with memories from the last Shetland whalers. 
ShetlandAnn Cleeves2015A year in the life of the islands in photos and text from Ann Cleeves explaining why the place means so much to her
Shetland Wool Week annual 20152015Volume one. Profiles of knitters, patterns, and historical articles to celebrate Shetland Wool Week 2015
Buachaille: at home in the HighlandsKate Davies2015Designed especially for Kate's new yarn, Buachaille, the book has essays, interviews, 12 knitting patterns, 5 recipes and details of a walk up Buachaille Etive Mor
Shetland from the seaDick Koopmans2014Dutch yacht designer Dick Koopmans and his wife Elly love the Shetland Islands and visit Shetland nearly every year in their yacht. This collection of watercolours is taken from walks or anchorages during their visits, and each one is accompanied by a brief note
The nightmare voyage of the Diana: from the journal of the ship's surgeon Charles Edward SmithCharles Edward Smith2014The whale-ship Diana left Lerwick in 1866, bound for the Greenland whaling. Thirteen of the crew would perish after the ship was trapped overwinter in the Arctic ice. 
Born a beachcomber: Thomas MathiesonSteve Mathieson2014The story of Thomas Mathieson as told to Steve Mathieson. Thomas was born in 1918 on a croft in the north of Unst, and became a merchant mariner at the time of the beginning of the second world war.
Michael Powell's The Edge of the World: then & nowDavid W, Earl2014In 1936 British film director Michael Powell made a movie based on the evacuation of St Kilda in the Outer Hebrides. Much of the movie was made on Foula where many of the local folk appeared as extras. In 2006 and 2008 the author visited the isles to view the various locations and the book has photos of these along with information on the folk involved
Unst heritage lace: recreating vintage Shetland laceUnst Heritage Trust2014This book is an attempt to share patterns with knitters, and also features three knitters from the late 1800s, and includes lots of photographs
Shetland: a love storyMark Sinclair & Kay Wheatcroft2014The Shetland courtship of Robert Jamieson and Barbara Laing recorded in their letters from 1858 until their marriage in 1861. Photographs by Mark Sinclair and letters edited by Kay Wheatcroft. First published 2010, this paperback edition 2014
The literature of ShetlandMark Ryan Smith2014The first ever history of Shetland's literature. Covering over two centuries of creative work
These northern shores: articles on the history of ShetlandJohn Peterson2014A collection of short articles about the long and varied history of the Shetland Isles
Mirds o wirds: a Shetland dialect word book2014A selection of Shetland dialect words and phrases, together with information and photos
Havera: the story of an islandJ. Laughton Johnston, Christine De Luca, Mark Sinclair, Pauleen Wiseman2013A portrait of the small isle of Havera, once inhabited and the last to hold a community. This is the story, in text and photographs of the community, along with some poems, music scores, and family tree charts
Shetland textiles: 800 BC to the presentSarah Laurenson (ed.)2013Traces the history of textiles in Shetland through fabrics and garments together with the fibres and tools used to craft them, and the people who made and wore them
The Spitfire "Shetlander": the story of a small community, the Shetland Islands, and their determination to fund a Spitfire in their nameMargaret Stuart2013The story, as reported week by week in the Shetland News, of the enormous fund raising effort made by everyone in the islands
The magic of Shetland lace knittingElizabeth Lovick2013Stitches, techniques and projects for lighter-than-air shawls and more
Shetland vernacular buildings 1600-1900Ian Tait2012A record of the type and succession of Shetland's indigenous buildings, which analyses the characteristics and usage of farmsteads and outbuildings over three centuries
Real Shetland yarns: a collection of woolly tales and memories2012A collection of stories and photographs from Shetlanders who were invited to write about their own memories, or stories their ancestors had handed down, about their lives and their links to the wool and textile industries
Small boats of ShetlandAlison Munro2012The history of the development of the Shetland boat, picking out from all the research many points of interest
Colours of ShetlandKate Davies2012Ten original patterns plus five essays on aspects of Shetland.
A photographic guide to Shetland's wild flowers. 3rd ed (rev & enl)David Malcolm2012This guide book includes the majority of Shetland's more commonly occurring species with, in addition, a handful of unusual or special plants. Flowers are sorted by colour, and Shetland names are included in the captions where widely used
The Jarl Squad 20122012DVD - the squad "home movie" (174 minutes)
Free-spirit shawls: 20 eclectic knits for every dayLisa Shroyer2012Twenty shawl projects. Features the Shetland technique of construction
The Stewart earls of OrkneyPeter Anderson2012For almost a century the islands of Orkney and Shetland were under the rule of the Stewart earls, father and son, a rule remarkable for its infamous reputation in island history
The story of Busta HouseMarsali Taylor2012The story of Busta House from the earliest records up to the present day, with an account of the 'ghost of Busta'.
Vikings!Neil Oliver2012By the host of the BBC series "Vikings: the story of the real Vikings"
Terror in the ArcticBjarnhild Tulloch2011A true story from Norway in World War II. This autobiography reveals the bleak conditions in northern Norway as experienced by a child, her family and town during the second World War
Willie's tales & travelsWillie Smith2011Stories from Scalloway and beyond giving an insight into times past and a way of life much changed today, brought to life with photographs from Scalloway photographer Clement J. Williamson
Swan LK.243The Swan Trust2011DVD about the Fifie sailing drifter, built in Lerwick in 1900, and its return and restoration
Shetland fine laceShetland Amenity Trust2011DVD documentary of the Shetland Fine Lace Project [2 copies]
Shetland's heritage of sailCharlie Simpson2011The story of the technology that shaped Shetland's history, from the first settlers to the final years of the sail herring drifters
Shetland pocket guidePromote Shetland2011Pocket travel guide with map
The press gang in Orkney and ShetlandJ.D.M. Robertson2011The author examines the impact of forced recruitment on the lives of Orcadians and Shetlanders at every level of society
Shetland rambles: a sketching tour of Shetland retracing the footsteps of Victorian artist John T. ReidMairi Hedderwick2011The text refers to Reid's original along with the author's own observations of her modern-day travels around Shetland, illustrated with sketches and appealing watercolours
Scotland's radical exports: the Scots abroad - how they shaped politics and trade unionsPat Kelly2011About the men and women who took trade unionism and working class politics from Scotland to the main countries that make up the Scottish Diaspora. Includes the story of William Irvine from Shetland
Shetland2010Sixty pages of colour photographs of Shetland by Millgaet Media Limited, Lerwick
Shetland words: a dictionary of the Shetland dialectA. & A. Christie-Johnston2010The first new Shetland dictionary for many years. Words of Norn origin are highlighted, there is a list of words once used by Shetland's haaf fishermen, and some quirky modern additions to the dialect
A glimpse of Lerwick's waterfront historyDouglas M. Sinclair2010A collection of postcards, photographs and maps with accompanying text mainly covering the period up to the 1930s
Women's suffrage in ShetlandMarsali Taylor2010Covers the first suffrage speakers in Shetland in 1873 and the early societies, through the founding of the 1909 society, and up to women's work in World War I.
Da wye I saa itRobert Johnson2010A potted social history in a collection of photographs that chronicle many aspects of life in Shetland from the 1960s - a record of changing times da wye he saa it
Vaila Mae: the making of a sixareen2010DVD following the step-by-step construction of the first new sixareen to be built in Lerwick for over a century, as well as telling the story of this unique type of traditional Shetland boat
Guide to Shetland Museum textile collectionCarol Christiansen, comp.2010Written overview of the development of Shetland textiles, generously illustrated with photos of examples from the collection
A kangaroo loose in Shetland: excerpts from a diaryLachlan Ness20102nd edition. The author, a church minister from Australia, travels to Shetland and serves as the Church of Scotland locum minister in the parish of the North Isles (Unst, Yell and Fetlar)
Wrapped in lace: knitted heirloom designs from around the worldMargaret Stove2010Patterns and techniques for knitting lace, including wedding ring shawls and the restoration of Granny Cheyne's Shetland shawl
Shetland diaries: otters, orcas, puffins and wonderful peopleSimon King2010The record of a year spent in Shetland filming the wildlife and experiencing Shetland through the changing seasons
Souvenir guide: Shetland Hamefarin 2010 14-26 June2010Gives a brief history of the Shetland Hamefarin, and the programme of events
A pictorial 'dander trowe' Shetland's crofting culture: centenary celebration2009This book celebrates the importance of the Shetland coo to the Shetland way of life over the centuries but especially over the last 100 years. Published by the Shetland Cattle from Shetland Breeders Group, the text of this substantial book is full of photos of cows, people and the crofting way of life
Rhubarbaria: recipes for rhubarbMary Prior2009The author has connections with New Zealand and Shetland, and this book includes 13 recipes from Shetland where rhubarb grows well and is an important part of the diet. The history of rhubarb is given followed by one hundred pages of recipes
Spy fever: the Post Office affairMargaret Flaws2009At the beginning of the First World War, stories of spies abounded throughout the British Isles. It was in this atmosphere that the entire staff of the Lerwick Post Office was marched off to prison and incarcerated for almost a week with no explanation from the authorities
Aald Papa, I'm dine! A collection of stories, tunes, poetry and paintingsGeorge P.S. Peterson2009A diverse collection including history, short stories, poetry, trowie tales, and bedtime stories for children, with lots of illustrations
Old ShetlandGuthrie Sutton2009A splendid collection of over 200 old postcards and photographs
A Shetland cook's bookJenni Simmons2009The traditional foods of Shetland and ways to prepare them, with photos of life on the croft
A Shetland bibleCharles Greig2009Bible stories in the Shetland dialect, along with a CD 
Up-Helly-Aa official DVD 20092009DVD (50 minutes plus 32 minutes of bonus features)
Moods of ShetlandVisitShetland2009?DVD - collection of Shetland scenes to the music of Fiddlers Bid
Memoirs of a Lerwick boy Bruce Sandison2008Bruce Sandison was born at Torry in Aberdeen in 1934 but came to Shetland when only a few weeks old. After an apprenticeship in newspapers he spent 31 years at the BP Oil Depot at the North Ness, and was involved with the Boys' Brigade. These are his memories, some of which appeared in Shetland Life
St Ninian's Isle treasureDavid Clarke2008This booklet describes and illustrates the circumstances of the discovery in 1958 and the contents of the treasure
The MND crofthouse garden: Shetland to Chelsea and back2008DVD about the creation of a 1940s Shetland crofthouse garden at the Chelsea Flower Show
Make a break for itVisitShetland200830 minute DVD with commentary and music, PC CD-ROM of written information, and a brochure about Shetland
Shetland Islands todayBjorn Hroarsson (ed.)2008An overview of Shetland culture, places, history and industry with many illustrations
Up-Helly-Aa 20082008DVD - the squad "home movie" (113 minutes)
Handbook to Lerwick Town HallCharles H. Simpson2008History and description of the Town Hall with lots of photos
Between weathers: travels in 21st century ShetlandRon McMillan2008Insights into the islands' wildlife, archaeology, geology and Shetlanders themselves
Shetland in statistics 20072007Cover title. Shetland in statistics, 34th edition. Includes maps and graphs, and a range of statistics under the headings: physical, economy, transport, education and services, conservation, politics and local government, culture and media, with a list of Shetland interest publications
The early English settlement of Orkney and ShetlandGraeme Davis2007The author proposes that there was a Saxon settlement in both Orkney and Shetland from the fourth century AD, based on extensive linguistic, historical and archeological research
Gardie: a Shetland house and its peopleWendy Scott2007Gardie House was built in 1724 on the shores of Bressay Sound, and holds an extensive family archive. This is the story of the house's passage through turbulent times and ethe everyday life of the generations who lived in and around it
Fishing, fishermen, fish merchants and curers in Shetland: episodes in fishing and curing herring and white fishJames R. Coull2007Originally written as self-standing independent magazine articles, so each chapter can be read as an entity on its own.
Sips of Shetland: the essence of an archipelagoDidier Piquer and David Cooper2007Photographs of Shetland by Didier Piquer, with comments by Shetlander David Cooper
Scotland's northern lights: lighthouses of the Orkney and Shetland IslandsSharma Krauskopf2007This book discusses the 21 major lighthouses  most of which were built by the famous Stevenson family of lighthouse engineers
Skeld Festival of the Seas, 15th-17th June 2007. A celebration of maritime heritage2007Booklet which accompanied the festival, centred on Reawick and Skeld and some nearby coastal areas. Includes some history of the district, and how the population and people's work and circumstances have hugely altered 
Reflections of Shetland - simmer (summer)Frances Taylor2007Images of Shetland set to traditional music and poems on 1 DVD
The Orkneys and Schetland in Blaeu's Atlas Novus of 1654James M. Irvine (ed.)2006Subtitle: The map of Timothy Pont and the news descriptions of Walter Stewart, as translated by Ian Cunningham. A translation of the descriptive Latin texts which accompanied the maps, commissioned by the National Library of Scotland to mark the 350th anniversary of Blaeu's publication
Reflections of Shetland - winterFrances Taylor2006Images of Shetland set to traditional music on 1 DVD
Reflections of Shetland - voar (spring)Frances Taylor2006Images of Shetland set to traditional music and poems on 1 DVD
Shetland hap shawls: then and nowSharon Miller2006A history of the Shetland hap, with traditional designs and modern hap patterns
Up Helly Aa: the Centennial Jarl 20062006DVD (60 minutes)
Voices from the past: a history of North RoeKaren Inkster2006In 1894 young Peter Inkster left Shetland to start a new life in western Canada. In the latter years of his life he returned to Shetland and kept a diary of his thoughts and childhood memories. Nearly 50 years after his death, his great-granddaughter has combined extensive research with Peter's recollections to give a picture of the lives of the ordinary people of North Roe.
Mackerel at midnight: growing up Jewish on the Shetland IslesEthel G. Hofman2006Revised edition. A blend of memoir and cookbook. The author grew up in the only Jewish family on Shetland
Viking cookbookFifty recipes which will take you back in time to the Viking era
John Walker's ShetlandWendy Gear2005This book examines the actions of "the Director General of Shetland", as Walker was nicknamed, and looks at his influence on many aspects of life for both the poor, and not so poor, inhabitants of Shetland.
Myth and materiality in a woman's world: Shetland 1800-2000Lynn Abrams2005This book examines how in the 19th century Shetland became a female place, where traditional gender roles were reversed
The sixareen and her racing descendantsCharles Sandison2005Fascmilie edition of the book first published in 1954
The North Atlantic Front: Orkney, Shetland, Faroe and Iceland at warJames Miller2005The story of operations along the northern front which acquired great strategic singificance during the two world wars
Peter Tait: a remarkable storyJohn E. Waite2005Traces the life of Peter Tait from his birth in Shetland in 1828 to his death in the Russian Empire in 1890
Willie's war & other storiesWillie Smith2004The author's memories of the Shetland Bus Boys, and account of life during WW2
Up Helly Aa 20042004Video (107 minutes). Narrated by Guizer Jarl Stanley Manson. Includes Jarl's tune Naddod of Faroe
Local news: life in Shetland as reported in the provincial nespapers. Volume 1: the emigration years 1862-1881Malcolm Hulme (ed.)2003This is a collection of excerpts from provincial newspapers illustrating the life in the small community of Shetland over the twenty years from 1862 to 1881, presented in chronological order
The further north you goTom Morton2003This is the story of Tom Morton's journey into the heart of a remote island community. It is about the nature of home, what happens when you abandon it, and the possibility of finding a new one
Landscape mysteries: the Tower People of ShetlandAubrey Manning2003DVD - investigating the brochs of Shetland and the people who once inhabited them
Kippers for breakfastMillie Vigor2003Moving house from Cornwall to Shetland was to be the start of seven years of new and exciting experiences for Millie Vigor
Trawler: a journey through the North AtlanticRemond O'Hanlon2003Two weeks aboard a deep-sea fishing trawler in the North Atlantic
A stitch in time: Unst's fine lace knittingChristine Brown~2003The story of lace knitting in Unst, with many photos, put out by the Unst Heritage Trust
Old rock to castle rockVaila J. Irvine2002Published for the 75th anniversary of the Edinburgh and District Shetland Association
Inside the postcard: working life at Adie's, VoeLaureen Johnson2001This book draws chiefly on the personal recollections of 50 people who, between the years of 1925 and 1991, were all associated with the firm - from the 19th century sail-loft and fishing smack, the old shop and the later shop, the 1920s Voe House kitchen, the knitting-machine, the weaving-loom, the vans and the bakery
Images of ShetlandBill Jackson2000A tour around the northern isles with Bill Jackson who recorded with the camera some of his favourite Shetland scenes of everyday life, the wildlife, the folk and the changing seasons, along with his thoughts and observations
Toons and tenants: settlement and society in Shetland, 1299-1899Brian Smith2000This book of essays deals with the rural communities of Shetland over six centuries
Rural life in Shetland & guide-book to the Croft House MuseumIan Tait2000Contains many photos and drawings. Published by the Shetland Museum
The last lighthouseSharma Krauskopf2000After a long search for a Scottish lighthouse to live in, the author succeeds in buying Eshaness Lighthouse
A Viking voyageW. Hodding Carter2000The re-enactment of a voyage made 1000 years ago from Greenland to North America
Shetland documents 1195-1579John H. Ballantyne and Brian Smith (eds)1999A collection of texts from the medieval and early modern period. This volume contains more than 250 documents concerning the administrative and economic affairs of Shetland, and the private transactions of numerous Shetlanders, during several centuries
Yell past & presentDavid Nisbet1999A collection of 142 black and white photographs showing the contrast and change in Yell over the last 100 years
The Swan: Shetland's legacy of sailJames R. Nicolson1999The story of a Shetland fishing vessel from the days of the sail herring drifters
Celtic calligraphyVivien Lunniss1999The basic principles are covered in detail, with simple projects and over 35 step-by step photographs
The lighthouse StevensonsBella Bathurst1999The story of the buildinjg of the Scottish lighthouses by the ancestors of Robert Louis Stevenson (including Muckle Flugga)
Norway - in a class of its own!1999?An introduction to Norway in coloured photos with accompanying text
A vehement thirst after knowledge: four centuries of education in ShetlandJohn J. Graham1998The history of education in Shetland over four centuries from the slow development from early days to the schools of today (up to 1990).
Ancient ShetlandVal Turner1998The archeology of ancient Shetland, published by Historic Scotland
In a world a wir ane': a Shetland herring girl's storySusan Telford1998The true story of a Shetland fisher lassie
Happy days in Muckle FluggaDame Pat Evison1998The autobiography of this well-known New Zealander of Shetland descent
Chips off the auld rock: Shetlanders in New ZealandSusan Butterworth with Graham Butterworth1997The history of Shetlanders in New Zealand commissioned by the Shetland Society of Wellington for the 75th anniversary of the Society
A Shetland nature diaryJoyce J.M. Gammack1996This book takes the reader through the seasons, month by month, covering all aspects of Shetland wildlife. The author's articles have appeared in "Shetland Life"
Drifting alone to Norway: the amazing adventure of Betty Mouat and tales of others who drifted to NorwayT.M.Y. Manson1996Centenary booklet describing the event  along with details of Betty Mouat's background and environment
Knitting by the fireside and on the hillside: a history of the Shetland hand knitting industry c.1600-1950Linda G. Fryer1995This book is based on Linda Fryer's thesis researching the history of the Shetland hand knitting industry from its earliest recorded occurrence in 1618 up to 1950. This is a facsimile edition published in 2021
Looking back: recollections by Ruby SandilandsRuby Sandilands1995The second collection of reminiscences from Ruby Sandilands' experiences as a nurse and stories of her life. She was born in Colvister, North Yell in 1915 and died in 1995
Flitting peats in Fetlar: a photographic historyFetlar Interpretive Centre1994The story of the process of flittin the peats by boat or by pony in Fetlar is shown in 37 black and white photographs, accompanied by a 6-page description and maps
A guide to prehistoric and Viking ShetlandNoel Fojut19943rd edition. An archeological journal of over five thousand years tracing the earliest evidence of life in prehistoric communities in Shetland to the Norse settlement
A Lerwick lifeboatman's storyGeorge Leith1993The history of the Lerwick lifeboat station, the lifeboats, the crews, the rescues and personal recollections over 30 years' service
A picture guide to Shetland1992A pictorial guide to Shetland produced by The Shetland Times, consisting of 63 colour photographs
Grammar and usage of the Shetland dialectT.A. Robertson & John J. Graham1991Analysis of the structure of the Shetland dialect
Fabulous Fair IsleJohn Allen1991A designer's overview featuring both traditional and modern designs
The Bod of Gremista: birthplace of Arthur AndersonBod of Gremista Management Committee1989Small booklet giving an outline biography and a guide to the building
Old Rock: Shetland in picturesJonathan Wills1989The author says this is a collection of images of some of the scenes that he holds most dear, and which he suggests are typical of the best of these islands
The Shetland storyLiv Kjorsvik Schei & Gunnie Moberg1988Writer and historian Liv and Swedish photograher Gunnie tell the story of an island community as seen from the outside in this very comprehensive story
Bobby Tulloch's Shetland: an islander, his islands and their wildlifeBobby Tulloch1988This is an islander's view of his islands - through the lens of a wildlife photographer and the voice of a storyteller
Traditional island knittingPam Dawson1988Collection of traditional hand-knitted designs from Aran, Channel Isles, Fair Isle, Falkland Isles, Iceland and Shetland
Lerwick HarbourJames R. Nicolson1987Revised edition. The first edition of this book was published in 1977 to mark the centenary of the founding of Lerwick Harbour Trust. This revised edition covers the changes of the next ten years. It is a complete history of the port of Lerwick from Viking times to the age of North Sea oil
Folk & Fairisle: over 100 designsWendy Phillips1987Designs suitable for punchcards, electronic and chunky machines
The story of P&O: the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation CompanyDavid Howarth & Stephen Howarth1986The authors who are naval historians tell the story of the birth and development of one of Britain's greatest companies. Shetland's Arthur Anderson was co-founder, when in 1837 he and Brodie Willcox won their first contract to carry mail
George Washington Wilson in Orkney & ShetlandJohn S. Smith1986Photographs from the Aberdeen University Library George Washington Wilson Collection
The traditional sweater bookMadeline Weston1986Over 40 classic designs including Fair Isle and Shetland lace, with Australian and NZ yarns specified
Lerwick: the birth and growth of an island townJames W. Irvine1985This book traces the story of the town from its early, tentative beginnings, through the good years and the bad years, through to the oil age 
Shetland notebook number twoJ. Peterson1985A collection of photographs and notes by J. Peterson, published by the Shetland Library and Museum after his death
New directions in Fair Isle knittingPatty Knox1985Modern designs for vivid, colourful garments for men, women and children 
VarangianGordon B. Smith1983Gordon Smith, born in Lerwick in 1946, recounts the voyages on his cruising yacht Varangian around the world to New Zealand, after turning his log books and diary into this story
The brochs of Mousa and Clickhimin. 2nd ed.John Hamilton1983A guide with photos and plans of the history and current state of these two brochs
Open boats of Shetland: South Mainland and Fair IsleAdrian G. Osler1983Covert title: The Shetland boat. This monograph published by the National Maritime Museum concentrates on technical aspects of Shetland's boats
A Shetland cook bookJenni Simmons1983The traditional foods of Shetland and ways to prepare them, with lots of old photos (not the same content as the author's 2009 book)
Shetland and the outside world 1469-1969Donald J. Withrington (ed.)198314 essays on a wide range of topics to do with Shetland history over 400 years
A practical handbook of traditional designs: Fair Isle knittingSarah Don1982Historical background, techniqes and patterns for Fair Isle knitting
The art of Shetland laceSarah Don1981A detailed reference book on the history and techniques of lace knitting, with many patterns and photographs
The complete book of traditional Fair Isle knittingSheila McGregor1981An introductory history and a source book of techniques and patterns
Life in ShetlandTom Kidd1980Black and white photographs of Shetland in 1980, focusing on the people, and highlighting the difference between the old and the new by Tom Kidd, with an introduction by James Nicolson
The Vikings and their origins: Scandinavia in the first millenniumJames Graham-Campbell & Dafydd Kidd1980Published by the British Museum in conjunction with the mounting of an exhibition
Footprints: aspects of Shetland life over the last 100 yearsJames W. Irvine1980This edition published 2007, provides historical resource material on Shetland - the sea, the land, the home, the school, and the oil
Vikings!Magnus Magnusson1980The author explores the myth and reality of Viking culture
The Shetland dictionaryJohn J. Graham1979An authoritive reference work and a working dictionary
Shetland from old photographsTom Henderson1979Over 160 black and white photographs with introduction and notes by Tom Henderson
A Shetland pattern bookMary Smith & Maggie Twatt1979A practical textbook of selected knitting designs
The VikingsRobert Wernick1979This is a substantial book in The Seafarers series by Time-Life Books. It is illustrated in black and white, and colour, and each chapter is accompanied by an essay
Scandinavian Shetland: an ongoing tradition?John R. Baldwin (ed.)1978A collection of papers from the third conference of the Scottish Society for Northern Studies in Lerwick in 1975 addressing the extent the old Scandinavian relationship can still be found in Shetland life, and new Scandinavian dimensions identified
Traditional life in ShetlandJames R. Nicolson1978Deals with every aspect of traditional life in Shetland
The Brendan voyageTim Severin1978An epic crossing of the Atlantic via the Hebrides, Faroes, Iceland and Greenland, by leather boat
A guide to Shetland mammalsBobby Tulloch1978A guide intended mainly to help the visitor learn about Shetland's native wild animals
The North Sea earlsIan Morrison1973The story of an expedition in pursuit of the wrecked Viking Earls and the Norse legacy of present day Shetland
ShetlandJames R. Nicolson19752nd revised edition. An historical and contemporary account of Shetland covering early history, landlords and crofter-fishermen, makings of modern Shetland, communications, agriculture and fishing, other industries, the sea, the people, Lerwick and Scalloway, Shetland today, and places to visit
Like a mantle, the seaStella Shepherd1971An account of life on the island of Papa Stour, by a teacher who went there in 1962 and left 8 years later when there were no longer any children of school age left to teach
The Vikings and their origins: Scandinavia in the first millenniumDavid M. Wilson1970The history and culture of the Vikings from the beginning of the Christian era to the end of the Viking age in about AD 1100
Everyday life in the Viking AgeJacqueline Simpson1967Investigates the fundamental elements of Viking life with special emphasis on the great Viking Age
Northwards by seaGordon Donaldson1966This book gives an account of all the steamers and motor vessels which have plied to Caithness, Orkney and Shetland since the 1830s. It is a piece of transport history, and a picture of a way of life, with 42 illustrations of craft and plans
Sir Robert Stout: a biographyWaldo Hilary Dunn & Ivor L.M. Richardson1961The story of Robert Stout's life which began in Lerwick in 1844 and continued in New Zealand from 1863 until his death in 1930. He was the first patron of the Shetland Society of Wellington
The Shetland busDavid Howarth1957Epic story of escapes by small boats between Norway and Shetland in WW2. Cadet edition which omits passages of a technical nature
Life in Shetland: a world apartUrsula Venables1956The experiences of a couple who settle in Noss, in the southwest of the Mainland. Illustrated with photos and the author's sketches
We die aloneDavid Howarth1955The story of a Norwegian resistance fighter's mission, escape and survival in WW2
None but the brave: the story of "Shetlands" LarsenFrithjof Saelen1955Lief Larsen, a young Norwegian, was a leading member of the notorious Shetlands Gang, working between Shetland and Norway in WW2
The Shetland busDavid Howarth1951Full version which includes technical passages omitted from the cadet edition
The Shetland IslesA.T. Cluness1951An account of the Shetlanders and the Shetland Isles as they appear to a native of the islands
The Viking ships: their ancestry and evolutionA.W. Brogger and Haakon Shetelig1951The English edition of the 1950 Norwegian original which describes the ships, their historical signifcance and the everyday life of the people who built them, sailed them and were buried in them
The sail fishermen of Shetland and their Norse and Dutch forerunnersA. Halcrow1950First published in 1950, this facsimile edition of Captain Halcrow's book was published in 1994, and covers the days of working sail in Shetland
A Shetland parish doctor: some recollections of a Shetland parish doctor during the past half centuryHarry Pearson Taylor1948Dr Taylor was Medical Officer for Yell and Fetlar from June 1890 to November 1935. Includes pen and ink drawings, and colour paintings by the author, plus some photographs
Shetland: a photographer's notebookJ. Peterson1948Black and white photos of Shetland arranged by the seasons
Shetland and the ShetlandersW.P. Livingstone1947Described on the slip cover as "A true and human book about the Shetland Islands. The first really complete account of these attractive islands and the life and work of the people"
The historical geography of the Shetland IslandsAndrew C. O'Dell1939Traces the main factors that have led to the present state of evolution of the human geography of the Shetland Islands
Shetland: the isles of nightless summer. 2nd ed.William Moffatt1934The author has given lectures on Shetland, and wrote this book for people who know little of Shetland but would be interested to read about it, and in an attempt to answer some of the questions which arise from his lectures
An island rooingJoan Grigsby1933An account of the author's experiences during the time spent in the Northern Isles; part of the period on a small uninhabited island off the west coast of Mainland with a companion who was making a film of bird life
Shetland incidents and talesJohn Nicolson1931Collection of articles. (Rare)
Cookery for northern wivesMargaret B. Stout1925This 2013 reprint contains "practical recipes for old-time and modern dishes, all suited to the Highlands and islands of Scotland", and is a facsimile version of the original published in Lerwick
Lerwick during the last half centuryThomas Manson1923This volume comprises the greater part of a series of articles which appeared in the Shetland News in 1917 and 1918. The author was the editor of that newspaper. It includes 24 illustrations
Manson's Shetland almanac and directory for 19191919This is the 28th issue of this directory which covers a vast and fascinating array of information about Shetland. This issue includes "Shetland's roll of honour", listing the names of Shetlanders who died in the Great War 1914-1918. This copy is in a fragile condition
The log of the 'Blue Dragon II' in Orkney and Shetland 1909-1910C.C. Lynam1911The second of the Blue Dragon trilogy recounting easter and summer cruises to the northern isles in the 43' gaff-rigged yawl. (Rare)
Examples of printed folk-lore concerning the Orkney & Shetland IslandsG.F. Black1903County folk-lore Vol. III - printed extracts no. 5, collected by G.F. Black and edited by Northcote W. Thomas. This is a facsmile reprint, 1994. It comprises five parts titled: Superstitious beliefs and practices, traditional customs, traditional narratives, and folk sayings
The Parish of Lerwick: an ecclesiastical and historical sketchJames M. Crawford1901This small book traces the history of the church since the erection of the Parish in 1701, and an account of the present work of the church in the Parish. The cover title is "The Parish of Lerwick 1701-1901"
Orkney & Shetland: with approaches from Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Thurso and the Western Highlands. 4th ed.M.J.B. Baddeley1900In the Thorough Guide Series, this small book was intended for use by those wishing to visit Orkney and Shetland. It includes 10 fold-out maps, and descriptions of the islands pre-1900
Annals of a Shetland parish: DeltingP.W. Greig1892A collection of articles on the places, people and history of the Parish of Delting. Some appeared previously in the Shetland Times
Art rambles in ShetlandJohn T. Reid1869 [2011]2011 reprint of this account of a 19th century journey around Shetland, with many sketches
A description of the Shetland Islands, comprising an account of their scenery, antiquities, and superstitionsSamuel Hibbert1822 [1891]The spine title is "Hibbert's Shetland Islands". Reprinted in 1891, this book comprises four itineries through the isles
A Shetland winter mysteryMarsali Taylor2021The tenth in the Shetland Mysteries series featuring Cass Lynch is set over the Christmas season, primarily on the west side around Aith and Voe [2 copies]
The Shetland sea murdersMarsali Taylor2021This is the ninth in the Shetland Sailing Mysteries series featuring Cass Lynch, this time set on Papa Stour and Foula [2 copies]
Broken lights: poems and reminiscences of the late Basil Ramsay AndersonJessie M.E. Saxby (ed.)2021The second in the Northus Shetland Classics series. After the early death of Basil Anderson, Jessie Saxby was asked to edit his works for publication. Broken lights, a collection of his poems, extracts from his letters and tributes was published in 1888. It has been reprinted in 2021 with the addition of an introduction by Robert Alan Jamieson
Tang: a Shetland storyJ.J. Haldane Burgess2021 edThis classic Shetland novel was first published in 1898, and has been published again in 2021 as the first in the Northus Shetland Classics series of reprints of some of the keystones of Shetland's literature. The 2021 edition includes an introduction by Brydon Leslie
Death from a Shetland cliffMarsali Taylor2020This is the eighth in the series of murder mysteries featuring Cass Lynch [2 copies]
Footsteps in the dew. 2nd ed.Marsali Taylor2020A Norse murder myster set in Shetland in 1150. A half-length novel of adventure and romance in Norse Shetland. First appeared in serial form in "Shetland Life"
Northern alchemy: Shetlandic poems with versions in EnglishChristine De Luca2020This is a bi-lingual collection of 40 poems, each in Shetlandic along with a version in English. The poems are selected from several of Christine De Luca's collection along with some as yet unpublished poems
From the Auld Rock to a hard placeWendy Cheyne2019The story of a group of Shetlanders embarking on a life-changing journey to New Zealand in search of a better life
Shetland: series 5 [DVD]2019Two disc set of the six episodes in Shetland series 5, featuring detective Jimmy Perez. Note - can be played on regions 2 and region free encoded DVD players only
The Ninian plate (previously untold chapters)Alastair Christie-Johnston2018These chapters are a continuation of the book of the same name published in 2012
Death on a Shetland isleMarsali Taylor2018The seventh in the series of murder mysteries featuring Cass Lynch - not to be confused with the sixth title called "Death in Shetland waters". Starting on board  the sail-training ship in Norway, Cass travels to Shetland with time onshore in Mousa, Lerwick and Fetlar [2 copies]
And darkness fellChristian S. Tait2018Lerwick, Shetland, 1917. The Jacobson family has known grief and loss in this long war, and welcomes back their son Jamie to convalesce. But Jamie has a secret - an inner darkness that could destroy them [2 copies]
Wild fireAnn Cleeves2018The eighth and last Ann Cleeves murder mystery in the Shetland series [2 copies]
The valley at the centre of the worldMalachy Tallack2018Malachy Tallack's debut novel is set on Shetland's west coast, and tackles issues of love, grief and a community on the edge of extinction
Across the Sound: an Unst anthologyThe Unst Writers' Group (ed.)2017This is an anthology of prose and poems specifically about Unst. Some works are new, while others have been drawn from historical accounts of life on the island
Death in Shetland watersMarsali Taylor2017The sixth in the series of murder mysteries featuring Cass Lynch, this time set during the Tall Ships race from Norway to Ireland [2 copies]
Shetland: the complete series 42017Two disc set of the six episodes in Shetland series 4, featuring detective Jimmy Perez. Note - can be played on regions 2 and region free encoded DVD players only
The sixteen trees of the SommeLars Mytting2014Edvard's desperate quest to unlock the tragic secrets of two families takes him on a long journey, following a trail of clues from Norway, to Shetland, and to the battlefields of France. Translated from the Norwegian 2017
Cold earthAnn Cleeves2016The seventh Ann Cleeves murder mystery in the Shetland series [2 copies]
Ghosts of the VikingsMarsali Taylor2016The fifth murder novel featuring Cass Lynch; the series now called The Shetland Sailing Mysteries. Treasure hunters and opera stars collide in the north of Shetland in this one [2 copies]
Too good to be trueAnn Cleeves2016In the Quick Read series, this short book features Shetland detective Jimmy Perez investigating a death in the Scottish Borders
Shetland create : issue #1 home2016A new literary magazine which is a collection of stories, poems and essays that explore the meaning of home
Dreaming in NorwegianFrankie Valente2015A modern day love story set in Shetland and Norway, but with connections to the Shetland Bus
Fair Isle ghostsCarol Tweedie2015This book follows the fortunes of two families on Fair Isle, the Irvines of Quoy and the Wilsons of Taft, as they fight to save their way of life in the nineteenth century
Shetland: the complete series 1-3 [DVD]2015Four disc set  of the ten episodes to date of the series featuring Detective Jimmy Perez. Note can be played on region 2 and region free encoded DVD players only
Sea-girt vigilAlastair Christie-Johnston2015A story of pilgrims bringing Christianity to 7th century Shetland
The body in the brackenMarsali Taylor2015The fourth murder novel in the Cass Lynch Mystery series, this one set in the Highlands of Scotland and in Shetland [2 copies]
Sixty degrees north: around the world in search of homeMalachy Tallack2015Tallack travels westward exploring the landscapes and people of the parallel, to finally be reconciled with Shetland, the place he calls home
Shetland humour: twartree selectionsJohn J. Graham2014The stories in this selection have given the author many a laugh over the years
Thin airAnn Cleeves2014The sixth Ann Cleeves murder mystery set in Shetland - this one in Unst [2 copies]
A handful of ashMarsali Taylor2014The third murder novel in the Cass Lynch Mystery series, this one set in Scalloway [2 copies]
The trowie mound murdersMarsali Taylor2014Another thriller set in Shetland - Book two in the Cass Lynch Mysteries [2 copies]
Shetland: the complete series 1 & 2 [DVD]2014Two disc set based on Ann Cleeve's books Red Bones, Raven Black, Dead Water and Blue Lightning, as broadcast on BBC in Britain. Note can be played on region 2 and region free encoded DVD players only
Through a croft windowStella Sutherland2014The fictional journal of "A Crofter's Wife" first published as a series in The New Shetlander between 1953 and 1966
ByssusJen Hadfield2014Jen Hadfield's third collection of poetry, in laguage strongly rooted to the names found in her adopted Shetland.
The Shetland eagleAnne Taylor2013Set in the second world war time, with the action taking place in Shetland and Russia
Dead waterAnn Cleeves2013The first of a second quartet of detective novels set in Shetland; this set based on the elements [2 copies]
Death on a longshipMarsali Taylor2012Hollywood glamour comes to the Shetland Islands - with deadly results. A detective novel. The first in the "Cass Lynch Mystery" series [2 copies]
The Ninian plateAlastair Christie-Johnston2012"From the day the Ninian Plate arrived in Shetland in 600AD it brought strange and terrible events into the lives of all who touched it." See also the 2018 publication of previously untold chapters
Sea view: a year of reflective glimpses into life in ShetlandAlastair Christie-Johnston2011Writing every day for a year, the author gives a new insight into life by the sea in one of Shetland's north isles, from otters to orcas, seals to solans and tirricks to trows.
And then foreverChristine De Luca2011Part historical, part contemporary quest - two stories which intertwine on a journey to discover what happened to a Shetland grandfather who emigrated to Winnipeg around 1900 [2 copies]
Dancing with the ferrymanFrankie Valente2011Described as "a 21st Century romantic comedy". A young woman runs away to Shetland, and finds a new life and love in these unique islands
White below: poems and stories from Shetland's fishing industry2010Six Shetland writers have contributed to this collection of poetry and short stories about fishing, the sea, and the people who live and work in fishing communities
Bright pebbles : poetry and prose from ShetlandMary Blance & Laureen Johnson2010Contributions from 50 writers with an accompanying CD, designed as part of the 2010 Hamefarin 
The storm childKari Williamson2010Set in the early 1900s, a young girl leaves school and goes into service at the local manse.
Da happie laandRobert Alan Jamieson2010The strange tale of a man's search for his missing father, woven into the fate of a Zetlandic community, and tales of people who emigrated to New Zetland in the South Pacific
Blue lightningAnn Cleeves2010The final book in the Ann Cleeves quartet. This one is set in Fair Isle [2 copies]
Red bonesAnn Cleeves2009The third mystery novel of the quartet by Ann Cleeves. This one is set in Whalsay [2 copies]
SacrificeS.J. Bolton2008Gripping thriller set in Shetland
White nightsAnn Cleeves2008A crime story set in Shetland - the second in the quartet by Ann Cleeves [2 copies]
Da book o trowsShetland Folklore Development Group2007Collection of accounts of trows, with a CD of stories and music
Berries on the heatherKari Williamson2007Novel set in the late thirties which describes the situations and day-to-day events, humorous and serious, which occur in the lives of a three-generation family on an island croft
Poems united: a Commonwealth anthologyDiana Hendry & Hamish Whyte (eds)2007Poems from countries of the Commonwealth
Aald smucks'Linda Agnes MillerEntertaining poetry in the Shetland dialect
The foy and other folk talesLawrence Tulloch2006A collection of folk tales told by one of Shetland's foremost storytellers
Raven blackAnn Cleeves2006The first of a quartet of mystery novels by Ann Cleeves set in Shetland [2 copies]
A dream of silverJ. Laughton Johnstone2006An old man shares the story of his life in Scotland and Shetland, and the influence of two great Scottish authors, with his grandson
Jeemsie da Jarl: a grand old Viking centuryM. Moncrieff2005A collection of 100 cartoons
Spinnin yarns2005CD of poems and stories from Shetland read in the dialect
Tales of the seal people: Scottish folk talesDuncan Williamson2005Stories of these half-seal, half-human creatures known as "silkies"
Life in Scalloway CastleD.Hilda Peterson2004Historical novel of life under the rule of Earl Patrick Stewart
Nor heard the clock strikeAlastair Christie-Johnston2004Novel about a would-be writer's introduction and assimilation into Shetland life
Intimate expanses: XXV Scottish poems 1978-2002Ken Cockburn & Robyn Marsack (eds)2004An anthology of 25 Scottish poems, one from each year from 178 to 2002, presents an alternative view of how the past quarter century has unfolded in Scotland
Metal rose: the different shall inherit the earthJessie Lovie Watt2003
The last wandererMeg Henderson2003This novel tells the story of a young woman from Shetland who finds herself in the small fishing community of Acarsaid on the west coast of Scotland, where she spends the rest of her life
Shetland blackLaureen Johnson2002This short novel set in the 1990s begins with a stranger's death in tiny Whalevoe, and its effect on the nine inhabitants
From Böd to boardroom: an historical novel on th life of Arthur AndersonD. Hilda Peterson2001Arthur Anderson rose from humble beginnings in Lerwick to become a prominent businessman and co-founder of the P&O Shipping Company. This is a fictional account of his life in Lerwick in the 1800s and introduces other well-known stories in Shetland's history
A merchant's tale: the life of William Hay (1787-1858)Margaret Rose1999A fictional account of the life of William Hay and the companies he established - Hay and Ogilvy, the Shetland Bank, and Hay and Company
Kirstie's witnessesSheenagh Pugh1998This story of a widow, trying to feed her three children in Lerwick in the 1840s is the story of a real person and the town of Lerwick at that time
Tochts on Shetland lifeTom Laurenson1997Poems in Shetland dialect from Tom Laurenson who moved to Nairn, and has a son who lives in Wellington
Told around the peat fireAndrew T. Cluness1994New ed. "Probably the most popular Shetland book ever published… an incomparable blend of historical fact, vivid scenic detail and treasured folklore."
Holm sweet holmJessie Lovie Watt1994A family of Scottish fisherfolk move to Shetland in the early years of the 20th century
Shadowed valley: a novel based on the Weisdale EvictionsJohn J. Graham1994The main purpose is to convey an impression of life in rural Shetland about the middle of the 19th century and the shattering effect on one community of a policy of clearances
Strife in the valley: a novel set in 18th century ShetlandJohn J. Graham1992Set in the troubled times of late 18th century Shetland, when the shadow of destitution, disease, the Press Gang, and exploitation by lairds and merchants darkened the lives of local people
Lowrie: being a humorous account in the dialect of incidents in the life of a Shetland crofterJoseph Gray1991This is the third edition of a collection which went out of print in the 1950s. Most of these stories were originally published in The Shetland Times. They are illustrated with sketches by F.S. Walterson
A celebration and other poemsStella Sutherland1991A collection of 44 poems with a glossary of Shetland words
Thin wealth: a novel from an oil decadeRobert Alan Jamieson1986This author's second novel is about the impact on a Shetland community of the discovery of oil in the North Sea in 1973
Bess: tales of a middle aged sheepdogWillie Leask1985Originally a series in Shetland Life, it depicts life in rural Shetland as seen through the eyes of a sheepdog, Bess
Soor heartsRobert Alan Jamieson1983This Shetland writer's debut novel - a fast-paced tale of murder and mystery
Shetland folkloreJames R. Nicolson1981The wealth of folklore - beliefs, legends and customs - that make Shetland so unique
Aa my selves: poems 1940-1980Stella Sutherland1980A collection of 33 poems. Aa my selves was placed third in the Scottish Open Poetry Competition of 1976
ShetlandicRhoda Bulter1977The second CD in a trilogy of Rhoda Bulter reciting her own poetry in the dialect
Caald clods an tinderRhoda Bulter1976The third CD in a trilogy of Rhoda Bulter reciting her own poetry in the dialect. The recording was made in 1976, but "lost", until it came to light in 2006
Bide a start wi' MeRhoda Bulter1976The first CD in a trilogy of Rhoda Bulter reciting her own poetry in the dialect
The collected poems of VagalandM. Robertson (ed.)1975Poetry in the dialect and in English by Shetlander T.A. Robertson who signed all his poems "Vagaland"
North starHammond Innes1974Story of infiltration and sabotage on an oil platform off Shetland
Old Shetland! A tale of love and land-hungerJohn Herries McCulloch1969Set in the harsh period of Shetland history in the 1700s 
Island laughterF.S. Walterson and J. Tait1968Collection of cartoons
Norden lichts: an anthology of Shetland verse & proseJohn J. Graham & T.A. Robertson (eds)1964This anthology of dialect poetry and prose was part of the "Shetland Book" intended to ensure that the young people of Shetland had a sound knowledge of their own environment, history, traditions and way of life
The edge of the worldMichael Powell1937DVD of the restored 1937 film of traditional life on Foula. Also includes "Return to the edge of the world" (1978) and "St Kilda - Britain's loneliest isle" (1928). Note - can be played on region 2 and region free encoded DVD players only
Some folk-tales and legends of ShetlandJohn Nicolson1920(Rare)
Humours of a Peat Commission. Volume IIThos. Manson1919A compilation of sketches which originally appeared in the Shetland News. No such body as the Commission described ever existed, but the first volume was so well-received that this second volume has been published, and a third volume is anticipated
Tang: a Shetland storyJ.J. Haldane Burgess1898Described as the story of a young girl, Inga, and her divided love for two men, while also presenting a picture of a small community
The weather weaverTamsin Mori202111 year-old Stella has returned home to Shetland to spend the summer with Grandpa, but it's nothing like she remembers. Stella feels trapped and lonely until she encounters an old woman, Tamar, who, to Stella's amazement, can spin rainbows and call hurricanes, Then Stella discovers that she too is a Weather Weaver
Shetland for bairnsDavid Cockayne & friends2020A book by bairns for bairns, of fun things to do and places to visit in Shetland, with lots of facts and ideas of pleaces to go for adventures
Will there be puffins?Gay Hay & Sarah Harmon2016The story of a journey to Shetland, written by Society member Gay Hay, with wonderful illustrations by Sarah Harmon
Da TrowJulia Donaldson2016Originally published as "The Troll" in 2009, and now translated into Shetlandic by Christine De Luca
Wilfrieda the Witch helps SantaWendy Dickson2012It is Christmas Eve on Unst, but Santa's sleigh is stuck. Can Wilfrieda the Witch help Santa in time?
A midsummer foyJanice Armstrong & Meilo So2011A fog bound boat full of children and fish, an island, a castle and a midsummer party - a tale from Shetland
The grumpy old sailorJanice Armstrong & Meilo So2010What on earth is that grumpy old sailor up to? Dragons and telescopes, red paint and sea charts … find out in this adventure with Magnus and his friends
Bobby an da Burland pearlsValerie Watt2010When Bobby visits the Burland Croft he wears his grandad's magic pearls - will he hear the animals speak? In the dialect
Smootie an da Toon Hall clockChristine De Luca2010Sequel to "Smootie comes ta Lerrick". Aimed at 4-9 age group. In the dialect
Craigsaet: rhymes, sangs and stories for peerie bairnsShetland For Wirds2009CD of 24 tracks with leaflet giving the words of the rhymes and songs
Gory stories: raiders and ruinsTerry Deary2009A "vicious Viking adventure"
10 best Viking legends ever!Michael Cox2009Ten tales of Viking gods 
Shetland wildlife alphabetMary Isbister2009Illustrated by the author this book gives the names of some of the plants and animals that might be seen in Shetland
Benny-benny Seawater: the first day of the summer holidaysLisa Johnson & Katherine Laidlay2009Benny-benny Seawater is spending his holidays on his Aunty and Uncle's croft in Shetland where he loves helping with the chores, exploring, and learning how to raise peats and clip sheep like a proper crofter
PufflingMargaret Wild & Julie Vivas2008Puffling, the little puffin, is getting ready to leave the burrow and go out into the world
Wilma Widdershins and da muckle tree: a Shetland storyJonathan Wills & Gurli Feilberg2008 This is the story of how Wilma Widdershins found the biggest bit of driftwood ever; how she brought home ‘Da Muckle Tree’ in the third winter of the Second World War, and what happened many years later, after the Huppies phoned the woodyard in the far town
Dodie's phenomenal pheesicChristine De Luca2008Translation of Roald Dahl's "George's marvellous medicine" into Shetland dialect
Usborne Viking worldPhilippa Wingate & Anne Millard2008?All about the Vikings, the way they lived and their spirit of adventure
Peerie Mootie an her muckle buitsValerie Watt2007Brighly illustrated picture book about a Shetland fairy called Peerie Mootie, in the dialect
I Hero: Viking bloodSteve Barlow & Stevew Skidmore2007You are the hero of this book - the captain of a Viking trading ship
VikingsStephanie Turnbull2006English Heritage/Usborne beginners information for young readers. Easy-to-read text with lots of illustrations
The Utterly OtterleysMairi Hedderwick2006The Utterly Otterley family live in a cosy burrow near the river, until Pa wakes up one morning and decides it's time to find a new home
Da Peesterleeties an da curse o da NjuggleValerie Watt2006Novel aimed at 8 to 12 year olds, to increase awareness of Shetland folklore, and introduce Shetland dialect (glossary at the back)
A Hansel o stories 12005CD of stories for children aged 4-9 - Ellie an da sail needle; Smootie comes ta Lerrick; Smootie gengs adrift; Smootie tae da rescue; My mercy, Smootie!; Rasmie Ratter
Smootie comes ta LerrickChristine De Luca2005The story of brave little cat Smootie having to leave her birth island of Bressay to brave the world of Lerwick and find a new home. In the dialect
Ellie an da sail needleIris Sandison2005A picture book about Ellie's old Ted, in the dialect
Out of tuneJoanna Orwin2004Novel set in modern NZ and 19th century Stewart Island - a good read for adults too
Asterix and the great crossingRene Goscinny2004Asterix lands in the world of the Vikings
Eyewitness VikingSusan M. Margeson2002Learn all about the Vikings - their longships and weapons, legends, and sagas of war and discovery
Peerie Bear & the fire festivalGillian Fox, illustrated by Eve Eunson2000Peerie Bear finds himself at the centre of attention at Up-Helly-AA, Shetland's famous fire festival
Shetland in the shedLucy Daniels1997Can Polly learn to love her new little Shetland pony?
Daughter of the seaBerlie Doherty1996"She was a gift from the sea but now the ocean wants her back" - from the traditional folk-tale of the selkie
Lukki lines: the collected writings of Shetland primary school children1980An anthology of poems and prose on the theme of Shetland  by primary school children. An earlier publication was "Shetland Tang"
The time traveller book of Viking raidersAnne Civardi & James Graham-Campbell1977Set in southern Norway in the late 9th century, this book sets out to explain what it was like to live at that time
A stranger came ashoreMollie Hunter1975An exciting tale based on the legend of the Selkie Folk set in a Shetland village. 2021 printing
Shetland tang1972An anthology of poems and prose on the theme of Shetland  by primary school children
Haki the Shetland ponyKathleen Fidler1968Chapter book set in Shetland
Da FiddlerJohn Smith20121 CD of 15 tracks - John Smith on fiddle, and Lynne Scott on piano and harp
Da Fiddler CD launchJohn Smith & Lynne Scott2012DVD made by George Mainland who filmed the concert by John Smith and Lynn Scott to launch their CD "Da Fiddler" [2 copies in plastic cases]
Da farder ben da welcomerFiddlers' Bid20011 CD in plastic case. 12 tracks. This is Fiddlers' Bid's third album of traditional and contemporary tunes
White Christmas 19982 CDs in cardboard case. 10 tracks of traditional Christmas carols from some of Shetland's musicians
Coontin kin: the quarterly journal of Shetland Family History Society1991-20191, 3, 5-9, 11-16, 18-20, 22-30, 62-63, 65-74, 76-77, 79-120 (1991- 2021). Also Directory of members interests 1-3 (1992-1996)
Coontin kin [contents lists]1991-Printed lists of the contents of each issue from no. 1 on [2 copies]
Shetland family history research information [binder]A collection of useful information for researching Shetland family history
Shetland family histories [binder]Notes and charts of individual family histories
Shetland and Orkney resources for family history [2 CDs]Digital copies of early books, almanacs and directories. Two CDs in one case
Leisure and tourist map: Orkney and Shetland2019Folded colour map of Shetland on one side with Orkney on the other side
One family, six namesJohn & Ann Hercus2017The story of the name and medieval origins of the Scottish family of Hercus, Herkes, Harcus, Harkes, Harkess and Arcus
Henderson of ZetlandEwan Henderson2014Ewan Henderson's family history concentrating on the male lineage of his Henderson family
Shetland's old Norse personal namesPaul Moar2010A selection of Shetland's old Norse personal or Christian names, also Norwegian and Faroese names
From Old Rock to new life: Shetland Museum and Archives exhibition for Shetland Hamefarin 2010Ian Tait2010Guidebook to the exhibition which looks at the story of emigration through individual stories, in biographies of selected settlers and also features items that they owned
Shetland 2010 Hamefarin ancestor trail …Shetland Family History Society2010A guide to the local museums and history groups available in each parish [2 copies]
A kist of emigrantsJ. Laughton Johnston2010About Shetland's emigrants - commissioned by the Shetland Hamefarin Committee 2010 [2 copies]
Shetland surnames. 2nd Hamefarin ed.Alan M. Beattie2010Background to the origin of surnames in Shetland and a dictionary of names. Published by the Shetland Family History Society
From a Shetland lairdship to a Norwegian barony: the Mouatt family and the Barony of RosendalJorn Oyrehagen Sunde2009The first Shetland Museum and Archives memorial lecture, Lerwick, 30 October 2008
Ordnance Survey explorer map 466 : Shetland - Mainland south : Lerwick, Sumburgh & Fair Isle20071:25 000 scale, 4 cm to 1 km - 2½ inches to 1 mile
Ordnance Survey explorer map 467 : Shetland - Mainland central : Lerwick, Papa Stour & Foula20071:25 000 scale, 4 cm to 1 km - 2½ inches to 1 mile
Ordnance Survey explorer map 468 : Shetland north east : Whalsay & Out Skerries20071:25 000 scale, 4 cm to 1 km - 2½ inches to 1 mile
Ordnance Survey explorer map 469 : Shetland - Mainland north west : North Roe & Sullom Voe20071:25 000 scale, 4 cm to 1 km - 2½ inches to 1 mile
Ordnance Survey explorer map 470 : Shetland - Unst, Yell & Fetlar2007 / 20151:25 000 scale, 4 cm to 1 km - 2½ inches to 1 mile [2 copies. Copy 2 revised 2015]
Trace your Orkney ancestors: a guide to sources for Orcadian family and local historyJames M. Irvine2004A practical guide written for both novice and more experienced genealogists
This is my story, this is my songGeorge Scott Morrison2003The author, a Society member, and teacher of singing and speech in Wellington from 1953-2000, recounts the story of his life and of his family
Shetland pre-1855 parish sources for family historians. 3rd edAlan M. Beattie2002Published by the Shetland Family History Society
With naught but kin behind them: the Shetland of its early emigrantsNorah Kendall1998An account of the history and life left behind by hundreds of young women who left Shetland 1850 to 1880, and why they left. CD of notes in pocket
Court book of Shetland 1615-1629Gordon Donaldson1991Records of civil and criminal cases tried by the Crown, from petty theft and debt to the witchcraft trials of 1616
Northern Star to Southern CrossGraeme Laurenson1988The story of some of the early Shetland Island families who came to New Zealand in the 1800s
John & Mary Thomson and their descendants: Shetland Islands-New ZealandAmber E. Haley1986Organising a family reunion was the prompt for researching and recording the family and descendants in this booklet
Tracing ancestors in Shetland. 3rd ed.Alexander Sandison1985Comprehensive introduction which predates the Shetland Family History Society [2 copies]
Burrafirth: the family of Graeme and Marjorie Laurenson, "Burrafirth", New Plymouth, NZGraeme Laurenson1982Family record of the Laurensons who emigrated to New Zealand from Shetland [2 copies]. There is also a link to a digital copy on the Society's website on the Library page
A Kiwi in the Shetland scattaldGraeme Laurenson1980Stories of Shetland and Shetlanders in New Zealand [2 copies]
The Arcus family through ten centuries including Harcars of That Ilk, and HarcusJames G. Arcus1972Chapter headings include: Foundations, Harcars, In the service of France, Orkney, Shetland, Roll of honour, Charts and Sources
Bartholomew. Shetland19781:100 000. National map series sheet 62
Ordnance Survey. Foula19781:25 000 second series. Sheet HT 93/94
Ordnance Survey. Sandness19771:25 000 second series. Sheet HU 15/25 and part of HU 35
Ordnance Survey. Papa Stour19771:25 000 second series. Sheet HU 16
Ordnance Survey. Walls19761:25 000 second series. Sheet HU 14/24 and part of HU 34
Ordnance Survey. Fetlar19761:25 000 second series. Sheet HU 68
Ordnance Survey. Shetland - Yell & Unst19761:50 000 second series. Sheet 1
Ordnance Survey. Shetland - Whalsay19761:50 000. Landranger series of Great Britain. Sheet 2
Ordnance Survey. Shetland - North Mainland19761;50 000. Landranger series of Great Britain. Sheet 3
Ordnance Survey. Shetland - South Mainland19761:50 000. Landranger series of Great Britain. Sheet 4
Ordnance Survey. Shetland Islands (North Mainland)1971 revisionOne-inch map. Sheet 2
Old Ordnance Survey maps: Lerwick 19002000 reprintFolded, black and white map of Lerwick - scale 1:4340 (or 15 inches to a mile)
Shetland Islands census 1785 & 1841Shetland Family History SocietyCD
Shetland Islands census 1851 & 1861Shetland Family History SocietyCD
Shetland Islands census 1871 & 1881Shetland Family History SocietyCD
Shetland Islands census 1891 & 1901Shetland Family History SocietyCD
Monumental inscriptions 1 - Parish of NorthmavineShetland Family History Society1999
Monumental inscriptions 2 - Parish of BressayShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 3 - Parish of North & South NestingShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 4 - Parish of BurraShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 5 - Parish of DeltingShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 6 - Parish of Whalsay & SkerriesShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 7 - Parish of Whiteness & WeisdaleShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 8 - Parish of SandstingShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 9 - Parish of AithstingShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 10 - Parish of LunnastingShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 11 - Parish of UnstShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 12 - Parish of TingwallShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 13 - Parish of Dunrossness (south) & Fair IsleShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 14 - Parish of Dunrossness (north)Shetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 15 - Parish of SandwickShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 16 - Parish of CunningsburghShetland Family History Society2000
Monumental inscriptions 17 - Parishes of Quarff & GulberwickShetland Family History Society2001
Monumental inscriptions 18 - Parish of Lerwick (1) : Knab Road, Queen's Lane & SoundShetland Family History Society2001
Monumental inscriptions 19 - Parish of Lerwick (2) : New Cemetery - lower section town sideShetland Family History Society2001
Monumental inscriptions 20 - Parish of Lerwick (3) : New Cemetery - lower section Knab sideShetland Family History Society2001
Monumental inscriptions 21 - Parish of Lerwick (4) : New Cemetry - upper section town sideShetland Family History Society2001
Monumental inscriptions 22 - Parish of Lerwick (5) : New Cemetery - upper section Knab sideShetland Family History Society2001
Monumental inscriptions 23 - Parish of Walls (including Vaila & Foula)Shetland Family History Society2001
Monumental inscriptions 24 - Parish of Sandness (including Papa Stour)Shetland Family History Society2002
Monumental inscriptions 25 - Parish of North Yell & FetlarShetland Family History Society2002
Monumental inscriptions 26 - Parish of Mid & South YellShetland Family History Society2002
Monumental inscriptions 27 - from printed sources & early transcriptionsShetland Family History Society2003
Monumental inscriptions 28 - memorials & dedications (1) (general: Unst to Bressay)Shetland Family History Society2012
Monumental inscriptions 29 - memorials & dedications (2) (general: Lerwick to Fair Isle)Shetland Family History Society2012
Monumental inscriptions 30 - memorials & dedications (3) (war memorials)Shetland Family History Society2012